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Dawn Summers
27 September 2007 @ 04:30 pm
Is there anyone in your life who you feel is exceptionally wise? Who, and how did you meet this person?

A few people come to mind, so I will just kinda go through the list. Not everyone of course just a few major people.

Mr. Giles,

I met him cause he sort of came into our lives with my sister being the Slayer and what not. He is her watcher, and hes kinda like a father to us all.

He is like wicked smart. Im still convinced its because hes just so...well old. Using words like newfangled you must be pretty far gone. Still no matter how old he is, I still always enjoy listening to his lectures on whats the what of demons. Or I did when we were all back in Sunnydale. I was never really seen, cause Buffy wouldn't have that. Mom wasn't to crazy about it either. But there were times when Buffy was in highschool where id be back in the boko stalls keeping out of the way and id listen in. Then later when Buffy went to University and Mr. Giles had been fired, Id go over and let him talk books...there was sometimes drool. Still, he is probably one of the smartest and wise people I know, cause hes old and been through alot. Spike fits that old category to and pratically lived in our history books so theres stuff he knows to.

My Mom, Joyce Summers

Well, shes my mom so thats how I know her

She is kind of an obvious one on its own. She really was a smart and just amazing woman. Im proud to call her my mom. She really new alot about art and stuff. Which is probably why she worked at the musuem. She loved what she did and she did it well. Plus theres all that mom knowledge.

Willow Rosenberg

Again my sisters friend from highschool and shes pratically like another sister. We have known her basically since we moved here.

She is book smart like Giles to. She loves school about as much as I do. Im not as big of fan of school from when I was in like grade school and even highschool was pretty cool, learning was always fun to a point you know. But Willow she knew like everything. She was wicked good at computers, even if it meant cracking into certain places that shouldnt be excessiable, and encrypting data cds to track down some annoying nerds. Then there is the whole knowledge with magic to.

Asher Talos,

This one well, I felt the need to just give him a mention. How we meet, well I introduced myself and he introduced himself. Hes up ther ein the ages to so again knowledge is sort of relivent. Also, hes not afraid to say whats on his mind *kinda like Anya....* So I dunno maybe its that factor that makes him really smart. Not being afraid to say whats on his mind to whoever it is he is talking to. Sometimes he just makes you think about what your saying or more so..why your saying it and why you think he would care to know about those little details.

Also....his fashion sense should count as knowledge to, but if fashion were the case..Nicole Chase would be a scholar.

Muse: Dawn Summers
Fandom: Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Word Count: 532
Dawn Summers
27 September 2007 @ 04:16 pm
Congratulations! You've been granted one wish. What is it?

Well it wouldnt be to make stop peolpe going away...well I would word it more carefully, so that this time we all wouldn't get stuck in the same house with a bunch of people and only one bathroom.

I could make a big explination over the type of wish I want but whats the point.

Lets be simple here.

My wish would be to have friends that didn't leave or you know die, after meeting them.

Muse: Dawn Summers
Fandom: Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Word Count: 81
Dawn Summers
All of a sudden I feel like im back in highschool writing an essay question. Or at least that is what it feels like anyway. Kinda like the whole where do you see yourself in 10 or more years sort of thing.

What makes someone a hero. Well my sister is kind of a hero. But sometimes things she does doesnt make her all of a hero. I think a hero is someone who maybe not necesarily saves the world on a daily basis. That is just one type of hero..like batman, spiderman etc.

A hero can be so much more then that. By there actions. How they talk to you or care about what happens or goes on. It takes more then being handed super powers to actually be a hero.

I dont know maybe I dont look at my sister as a hero because she is that..my sister. Im not saying it isnt cool what she does but sometimes I wi...Id like it more if we could be normal and though what really is normal anyway.

I guess being a hero is someone who cares about other people and will help them however they can in whatever situation there may be. If its killing a vampire, or just talking to someone who had a bad day. A person that will just take the time to be there.

What makes someone a villian. A bunch of popular girls who think they are better because of how much money daddy owns or the type of designer shoes they are wearing....

okay maybe not but still dont you just hate them!...though they arent all superficial like that.

I guess a villian would be someone who wants to hurt other people for the mere fun of hurting them. In every situation its different. I mean you can call a vampire a villian because they kill people..but for a vmpire they arent a villian because its there nature to kill for blood. Its what they do. But when you have a human being that can take a gun in rage and shoot point blank. Thats a villain. Vampires are meant to kill to feed. Humans arent meant to kill out of anger.

I dont know if that makes me crazy for saying a vmpire isnt a villian. But more looking at facts. Plus after knowing a few vampires and still being alive. They arent all bad.

Though...if this were a paper for school. I think I might have enough for a pass...

Muse: Dawn Summers
Fandom: Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Word Count: 415
Dawn Summers
10 September 2007 @ 11:41 am
Great way to start a job!....Don't show up.

Willow and I had went shopping for some apartment stuff and then came back to school stuff to deal with not to mention actually going back to school. So that took up alot of time.

Right after class had finished I just HAD to show up at the shop. Since this is a job I would love...or hope to working at the magic shop in Sunnydale never bothered me plus I had missed Anya so much that I think even working with her would be interesting in a good way.

I had hoped Anya wouldn't mind, after all, me not being there for like a week meant a week more of money she would get to keep...she would have liked that I thought.

I got there and looked at the place from the outside for a moment before walking in.

"Hey Anya...Its Dawn. Im sorry I didn't come in sooner. Do I still have a job here?"

Walking over towards the counter still looking around, place looked pretty impressive.

(Open for Anya, sorry its short, but its a start again sorry for the lateness!!)
Dawn Summers
31 August 2007 @ 10:53 pm
Where do you see yourself in twenty years?

Where do I see myself in twenty years? From this exact moment in my life....twenty years from now? At this rate im going to be in a house full of a bunch of cats with my hair in rollers and me in a bath robe...and I will have the robe that needs to be burned in order to rid of the smell!.

I don't know really. Id be like fourty...or id be twenty in key years...which would mean that in 20 years I would be right were I am now. If time worked like that. Maybe it does. I mean im twenty now, but only like 3 or 4 in key years. So id be starting preschool if I were born like any normal kid...not born a normal kid who only has memories of the first fourteen years of my life.

But right now, being twenty, making me then to be fourty. Maybe working as some big journalist. I dunno maybe I wrote a few books. Hopefully im around friends to share in my joys of life. A man...kids. I mean I would like a family sure.

All of a sudden the song the best of both worlds is in my head. A celebrity with a career, but living a normal life. Hannah known by many around the world, Miley just some girl with a burden of a secret. Well im the same way. I dont have a secret that im really a blonde superstar singer, but being a key techincally being younger but not...headaches forming anyone?

I don't know I guess I just hope to be alive, with family close buy, friends to share it with.

To be honest. I can't even see past tomorrow let alone twenty years from now.

Muse: Dawn Summers
Fandom: Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Word Count: 290
Dawn Summers
"You've temporarily turned into a child* -- what do you do? (Child muses are temporarily turned into adults!)"

This is probably going to sound stupid, but id spend the day with my mom and dad. Not my sister though. Which may be mean but Id want that day with the both of my parents when they were together. They seperated when I was like 10. Things were kinda rough before they actually split.

But id spend a day and make sure a camera was with me EVERYWHERE that i went with them. We would take pictures of me and my mom together, and even some of me and my dad laughing and smiling.

We would go to the beach and make sand castles, then try to protect them from the waves because we would build it to close to the shore. Then run around till we were dried off. Mom would sit on the beach with the camera in her hand as I ran from dad who would pick me up and swing me around. Just laughing. Then we would go to the merry go round. I would ride it for hours if they would let me. Riding every single horse that was there. Going round and round without a care at all in the world.

We would go shopping, dad would make a fool of himself holding up different shirts to himself...even though we were in the kids section. After that we would go home. My sister would be at one of her friends house, and so it would be just the three of us. Sitting at home, where it was safe. Me in the middle, my parents on each side of me.

Where we....meaning me, would fall asleep, and mom carried me up to my bedroom. Tucked me in and told me how I was there baby and not to grow up to fast, and no that no matter what happened, they both loved me.

My mom passed away when I was 15, my dad left us when I was about 10. Alot of other things happened during those 5 years. But I would still love to go back to that day...where things weren't as bad as they seemed, there wasnt something lurking behind a bush or under your bed. My sister wasnt my guardian. Anya and Xander were together. Willow and Tara lived under the same roof as us....things may have been crazy...but there was still alot of love.

Muse: Dawn Summers
Fandom: Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Word Count: 393
Dawn Summers
06 August 2007 @ 05:19 pm
Write two letters: One to someone you hurt and the other to someone who hurt you.

To Someone Who I Hurt.....

I'm Sorry.

To Someone Who Hurt Me,

Everyday I wonder how things could be. If they were different. The way they used to be. Maybe I wouldn't feel as alone. All these thoughts I have. There is more then not having you around that I just can't explain to you. Because even when you were around we didn't talk that much anyway.

You weren't there for me like you were for her. I want to hate you so much...even though I know some of it isn't your fault.

When we talked, I enjoyed that, till you would pick up your phone and leave me sitting on the couch. My school projects. Looking up in the crowd and not seeing that proud look on your face like I know you could have been if you were only there for me.

Things werent always this bad...I know that.

You know how I feel, ive told you...so this won't change anything. I know that now. Thats how I feel though.

I miss you dad.....

Muse: Dawn Summers
Fandom: Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Word Count: 172
Dawn Summers
Which is the more exquisite sensation: revenge, relief, or vindication?

Well I wont lie. I had some revenge a few times....who hasn't. One was when my mother died. I didn't want to believe it was a natural death. Because ther ehas been so many un-natural deaths that has been witnessed or ive overheard from my sister.

I wanted in a way a revenge for that. I wanted to be able to bring my mother back...no matter what the cost was. I even tried it. After going through a few needed tasks with Spike by my side.

She was at our door stop. Buffy and I turned to look at the door...but in the moment of truth...and a fight with Buffy. I ended the spell. There was a sense of relief in a way. Knowing Mom just might be in a better place, though I didn't want to believe that seeing how her best place was wherever Buffy and I were.

Like Buffy said though...I couldn't do that...not to mom.

More revenge happened when I was ontop of that god awful tower made by Sunnydale's crazies. I wanted revenge on Glory. For all the pain and suffering she was to put on me, for the people she killed, for hurting Tara. Everything. I wanted her to suffer. She got what she deserved. But a part of me, still wishes I could have been the one to do it....I wouldnt have stood much of a chance, but even to see her death, would have been revenge enough.

Then Tara's death. There was all kinds of revenge going through my head when I walked in and saw her laying there on the bedroom floor. Wanting to know who did it, what all took place, but I couldn't leave her. When I found out it was Warren...I wanted him to pay. I think Xander was with me on that. Buffy basically said revenge isnt the way, that he would get what he deserved. Slayer rules and all, Warren was human. Willow took the road to revenge and I saw what that did to her. What it did to the world basically,

The relief was much more a better feeling. When I knew Mom was safe, when Willow came back to us. When we closed to hellmouth once and for all. The feeling was that much more sensational.

Muse: Dawn Summers
fandom: Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Word Count: 382
Dawn Summers
It's your moment of triumph! Where are you and what are you doing?

My moment of Triumph. Well I think im doing that everyday. It was something my sister told me a few years ago.

"The hardest thing in this world, is to live in it. Be brave....live...for me"

I gave up alot. I never really told anyone. Though i'm sure some of the family friends knew that I was ready to give up sometimes. Not knowing about who I really was. Lossing my mother, my sister and my father...hes still alive, but with some secretary in spain or somewhere.

Sure there is Willow, Xander. The remaining scoobies. Giles. They are as much family as I have really ever known. Spike to, I can't forget him. They were all there. Giles who had been back in England was still there if a minutes phone call and would be here if I needed him.

This may not be a typical triumph or maybe it is, I don't know. But living everyday. Not just for Buffy, but for my mom also. Just keep on going no matter what we have faced or what we have yet to face and to just keep moving forward.

Thats my Triumph.

Muse: Dawn Summers
Fandon: Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Word COunt: 190
Dawn Summers

Thats the funny thing about secrets. They are meant to stay a secret.

Everyone has there dirty little secrets, those skeltons in there closet just screaming to get out. So do I want to tell mine to the world..I don't know. If this got into the wrong hands then I could be the one who ends up hurt. Though I hurt enough of my friends because of it. Though I didn't know about it at the start.

Some people who know me, I mean REALLY know me. Knew this secret before even I found out. The secret is this....

Im a key.

Im not quite sure if im still active or not. But I wasn't always a human. I mean I was born to a mother Joyce, and a father Hank. With my big sister Buffy. Thats what I know. I know my dad left us when I Was like 9 and I cried for weeks. We moved to Sunnydale my mom, sister and I. Its more a less a normal family situation problem.

They were all built. Those memories. Not only to myself, but to my mother, my father, my sister. Our friends. Anyone who has ever been in the Summers lives its always been to them that Hank and Joyce had two daughters Buffy and Dawn. Only thats not true.

I started out as a ball of energy and was that way up until 7 years ago or so. So yeah...I'm not even 20 years old. Not really. I've only been alive for about 7 years.

Kinda will make my love life a scary thing. Techincally im suppose to be 7. But ive bene here for whats like 20 years......

All of a sudden the movie 13 going on 30 is starting to make perfect sense to me.

Muse: Dawn Summers
Fandom: Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Word Count: 295